The surf is rolling in from the gulf stream. A brisk breeze from the SE smells of sails, of sea, of long past adventure. My first time facing the sea at night in so very long, even though I’m only standing at the shore. One of the first tentative steps back to living in the world. Will I ever take the helm on deep water again? Windsurf in the moonlight? Slip over the stern to dive crystal water?
One step at a time; to live in the world, I must first live in my body again, living fully needs right thought AND right action.

“You have reached a conclusion, and you have made a judgment. But you have not made a decision.”
“I don’t understand. They’re the same, aren’t they?”
“No. A conclusion concerns only facts. A judgment, only values. But a decision results in action.”
—- Rebekkah DeMere —-

We have made decisions, and today we acted.

A strange postscript: The first draft of this was posted to facebook while sitting by my bicycle on the atlantic shoreline, well into a brisk, not quite blustery evening. Home, a few hours later, I threw the I Ching; got Wind over Water, ‘Huan’, ‘dissolution’, a warm spring wind dissolves winter ice; the lesson is to put aside rigidity, to be reminded that softness overcomes.