Inside, the strength of simplicity and self-knowledge.
Outside, the beauty of acceptance and gentleness.

Cultivate grace. Resist the urge to use forceful methods, intimidation, and vain aggression; genuine power and lasting progress come from a different kind of strength altogether.
Inner strength is characterized by devotion to the principles of humility, simplicity, equanimity, and acceptance.

Changes: Be concerned with content, not form. See through false appearance to the genuine or the contrived.

As usual, the I Ching rubs my nose in it whenever I have urges to bully, to be aggressive in defense of my family. Not to say I should back down in a conflict, simply to remind me that force is best turned aside, not met with further force. Truly the I Ching is both Kung Fu manual and Machiavelli’s ‘Prince’, for dealing with organizations.