“We didn’t know the stupid thing could climb like that. I mean, it was a skinny little cedar. Who knew it could hold a bear?” “We were in the top, and the cedar started to bend; but the grizzly kept coming. When it got almost up to us, the tree bent almost to the ground.”
“We jumped off just before the tree hit the ground, but the bear held on a second too long.” “Next thing we know, there’s this huge bear flying backwards through the air with a really surprised look on its face.”
“It lands in a bunch of thorn bushes, and it lets out this really angry roar.” “We were gonna start running again. But suddenly the grizzly’s chasing the damned old bitch across the mountain.” “She’d been hiding in the bushes waiting to thwack us in case the bear didn’t get us.”
“We got back to the cabin, and the damned old bitch was already there. She told us the new rule was no more throwing bears at people.”
—- Rebekkah DeMere —-

Jashoda Dee no more bear throwing at people is a good rule, no? unless of course… oh nevermind! : )
March 4 at 10:55am ยท