Spring Rocker Spring Rocker Stairway

Sometimes we like austerity. Here’s a very calm library that keeps all its books, electronics, and computing gear inside the shoji. We’re hopeless readers and collectors. Bookcase walls enclosed by shoji keep down dust, reduce clutter, and are very comforting.

Rebuilt and reupholstered by Ornae in 2003, this rocker was manufactured in the 19th century. The lamp we believe to be from the 1930s. The footstool and plant stand are modern, painted by the team.

All cabinetry, flooring, finishing and painting in this room were done by the Ornae team.

But if you think that’s too booorring, we’ve got rooms that pop right off the walls. This open staircase was an eyesore in dark brown stain, shadows and splinters. Enclosing it into storage and emphasizing the architectural elements opened up the area visually.