We hear this constant litany of government-bashing, mostly from the party that has repeatedly proven its incompetence at governing. They suggest that americans are sick of government that knows what’s good for us, and is involved in our daily lives.

Strangely, these same folks are all for “Big Business”, fighting for the rights of huge multinational corporations.

So on one hand we have a government of whores, elected by idiots, which is constrained by the constitution to act in the national interest, and respect the rights of citizens being called “dangerous”.

On the other hand we have corporations, more powerful than most nations, whose only interest is profit, completely indifferent to any nation’s interest, involved in every aspect of our daily lives, being worshipped as the source of all good.

Asbestos, tobacco, Big Pharm, Big Medicine, Big Oil, Big Banking, Big Insurance, Industrial dumping, tainted food… Over and over again, we’ve seen the kind of damage that unconstrained capitalism can do to whole economies and environments. We see how corporations control every aspect of our lives, e.g. insurance, credit, music, news, movies, books…

Aren’t you more afraid of Time Warner, BofA, Haliburton, and British Petroleum’s involvement in your everyday life? If big business doesn’t scare you more than our elected government of circus clowns, you’re asleep at the switch.


GB: All the while it never apparently occurred to them that selecting those who believe government can do nothing well, to run their government is just inimical to common sense. I try so hard to be a Republican, but thinking through their ideology keeps ruining it for me!

Taryn: I really liked, “…thinking through their ideology keeps ruining it for me!”
The economist Paul Krugman once wrote (paraphrasing) “If you don’t believe in government, you really shouldn’t be in office.”
I’ve searched and searched for his editorial where I first read that idea. It was something of an epiphany for me.