The grammar zealot says, Apostrophes are not for plurals, e.g.
“Many soldiers are heros, but many heros are not soldiers”, vs
“The hero’s tools are manifold, Gandhi needed no guns.”

apostrophe 1 |əˈpästrəfē|nouna punctuation mark (’) used to indicate either possession e.g., Harry’s book; boys’s coats) or the omission of letters or numbers (e.g., can’t; he’s; class of ’99).


Jashoda Dee I ♥ ‘s u!!
Is that appropriate usage?? : ) (blame it on the fever!)

Amy My brother, who is a teacher, would love your post

Taryn Well, I hope you forwarded it to him :)

Taryn The spelling zealot says, BZZZTTT! The plural of hero is heroes!
OTOH, the grammar zealot has already said she doesn’t believe in enforced spelling

Jashoda Dee don’t you just hate when your (not you’re!) inner zealots are at odds with each other?!?

Taryn Van Wagner Yes, and it’s* very embarrassing when you’re** publishing your inner arguments online.

*not ‘its’
**not ‘your’

Jashoda Dee I still ♥ ‘s U!!
(and I find your (not you’re) inner arguments very interesting..)

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