To be a ‘Christian’ is to value Christ’s (the Council of Trent’s?) interpretation of the Torah and G-d more highly than the Torah itself. In the documents officially cobbled together fifteen centuries after his death, making up the modern New Testament, Christ has little to say about creation theory, he seemed to be almost entirely concerned with human relations on earth and with G-d.

Note that since Rabbi Jesus was a nice jewish boy who was interpreting the Torah (The Book) all Christians and Muslims are also ‘People of the Book’ (Jews). Which is too say they are all semites, (Children of Noah) even the anti-semites.

So the question is, “Does a good ‘Christian’ concern herself only with what Christ had to say about the relations of people to one another and G-d, or must ‘Christians’ (by association) also accept the whole canon of Hebrew law?”

Are we confused yet?

Muslims do not have to ask this question, since Mohamed specifically told them that his gospels pre-empted all earlier gospels, and that it was the sacred duty of Muslims to kill anyone who did not follow Mohamed.