Shannon wrote:
“When I don’t like what I hear I just change the channel until I find a weatherman/girl that tells me what I want to hear!!”

Robert Heinlein tells a story of living with a cat in big house that had many outside doors. Usually the cat would go in and out any handy door, rain or shine, but it hated snow. If it was snowing out, the cat would stick her nose out, peer at the sky, then refuse to go out. She would run through the house to another door, and cry at it, until it too was opened on the snow. She’d refuse that door and go on to another. The book wasn’t about the cat, but she presented a metaphor for the larger quest of the story.

She was looking for (and the book was called) “The Door Into Summer”

I’ve always loved the idea, loved the metaphor of refusing the hand you’re dealt and seeking the right one.