I am such a hopeless geeklette… Someone asked me about the song list on a CD and instead of spending 2 minutes typing the info into an email I did this:

Seconds (estimated)
05 Tossed it onto my handy copy stand.
10 Tweaked the lights
45 Camera on tripod, two exposures
20 Launch iphoto, data card from cam to reader
40 Import bunch of pictures (but I got coffee too)
10 Start to email photo from itunes, but decide it might choke client’s email…
20 Export as jpeg to ornae.com,
20 Oops! it’s 250K, not kind. Drag to photoshop
20 shrink, reduce quality, save to ornae.com again.
10 Off to Textpattern for new blog entry for picture.
30 Stare at blank screen.
600 Write this…. Well, seems like the biggest waste of time wasn’t the geeking, it was the introspection…

Anyway Deborah, Here’s the lineup for Art Annoys (standing joke in an old crowd, we love this music.)


Hey! does this camera make my fingers look fat?