Sometimes automatic translation almost works:

Infrequent, if you like Chinese antique, it will be great collection for use or display. It is delicately hand-made and in very good condition.

And sometimes you slide down the rabbit hole:

TheĀ  carved very well and they looks vivid loanshift.

But when you’re really lucky, you find the machines aspire to poetry:

I arrive to cooperate the transmission
machine cost the ocean of I The
My arrive to economize
the contractual price of bargain
of your payment hard.
As result total amount quantity
deal will be very low.

If Doing you are chain
wreath that environment to arrive
to arrive the ship it at add up
to appear association or other
roadseses are in the claim,
it make the person loves me first.
The ocean conveyance cost is different.

I accept the following
window way of the paymentRoad road road
Everybody of western person’s everybody unites bidpay
Bank draft Private check Cash
antiquesli888, writing from China

This is the actual text from an eBay offering

Or perhaps I’m being unkind, this gentle soul may be writing his own english poetry, and this never went through translation software.
Hmmm…Let me try…

(Skipping to the second stanza)
We are all linked,
wrapped in the larger world,
all destined for the same end.
No church, no government,
can pull us off the path.
We do not own the path, the path owns us.
No matter my love,
the ocean carries us all.

I bow before these truths:
The path of capitalism is money, there is no other road, no other window.
All the west is united in a consumer economy.
Money, Money, Money.
taryn, 2004

See, I think his is better…