American Colonial. What a mishmash of form. And since it’s had some kind of revival every 50 years, we see copies of copies of copies. Here’s a piece of furniture that we can recognize as modern colonial from across a stadium.

Curio cabinet

It’s got all the usual suspects: fake wear, pins that don’t pin anything, modern dimensions, mixed styles, like the panel doors on a country piece, modern techniques like the skirt that turns down to become a leg.

There’s really no suspense to peeking ‘round the back, but lets have a look….

back of Curio cabinet

Not only fiberboard, but staples too. And check out the maker’s marks. Who’d like to bet that this is the model 1380, made in May of 1969?

So this is ready for paint, although I can’t decide if it’s going to be saved by paint, it’s really very dull.

Gee whiz, all my photos have smallpox lately, I think I’d better clean my lense a little.